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Our Mission

Living Education


Living Education is about engaging students and inspiring them to learn more about a subject or topic. For students who excel with hands-on, real-world connection, this is the best education model for them. Living Education Connection is for those seeking to implement Living, Leadership Education. We help families create an educational experience and Living Education Tool Kit that will support engaged learning at home AND deeper connection with learning, community, and peers.

Our mentors have Masters degrees in Rhetoric and Business and Undergraduate degrees in Engineering, English, Creative Writing, Spanish, and History. We love Leadership Education, Business, Engineering (STEM), helping learning come to life for children, supporting families, and incorporating Community and Service to create unforgettable Experiential Learning Opportunities for our students and their families.  

Not Your Typical Curriculum


We will help you round out your Educational Experiences using a customized approach that combines living books, projects, Growth Mindset, and Community Engagement.  Your tuition covers all of our services, programs, and affiliations and an opportunity to create a Family Community Service Project. It also includes your student's customized course materials for each class and mentoring through our base curriculum for each class.


Our physical location is conveniently located in Ogden, off the 89/84 Exit, to provide easy access to families across Northern Utah.

NEW for 2019-2020!


We utilize a unique combination of Family, Peer, Projects, and Civic Engagement. Our goal is to inspire students and create a community experience for the whole family that reinforces Living Education at home. With that goal, we will be growing our program for the 2019-2020 school year to include:

  • Business, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership Class
  • Rhetoric and Writing: Proverbs and Chreia
  • JA BizTown Participation
  • JA Finance Participation
  • The Stock Market Game
  • The Abundance Game
  • ECommerce Entrepreneurship
  • In-Person Science Labs and Challenges
  • Lego Engineering Intermediate Class (including programming)
  • And More . . .