Classes for 2019-2020

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Living Education Classes

Love of Learning Foundation


We help connect you with resources that will help your student LOVE and BE INSPIRED BY what they are learning! In the classroom, it is our core belief that a Love of Learning is foundational to ALL other educational pursuits. Students join our upper-level classes once they love learning and have a strong foundation in reading and writing.

Family-Friendly Schedule


We understand that multiple schedules make experiential learning difficult, and we want to make your job easier and really add value to your Homeschool with our classes and experiences. Where other experiential learning programs create an incredible experience for the kids and leave Mom and Dad to do the "heavy lifting," we create an incredible experience for Mom and Kids to create memories and progress in their learning, together. We have a unique system that will inspire your children to own their learning with a curriculum you will be proud of and feel confident about, whatever your family's long-term educational goals.

Unparalleled Curriculum


Our curriculum is unparalleled and truly focused around inspiring students to develop the skills, knowledge, tools, and long-view focus necessary to be contributors and creators in their world, throughout their lives. Many of our courses have been prepared and selected after years of research and mentoring experiences from the Middle Elementary years through College and beyond.